Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's a performance -- not just reading aloud

HisMastersVoiceSign Yesterday morning, I couldn't find the audio versions of the Booktown Mysteries.  I searched site after site and --nothing.  But later in the day I got a Google alert that told me had them all.


Sadly, they're only being offered as MP3 files.  Oh.  Pooh.  I don't have an MP3 player and -- to tell you the truth, do I really want one?  I dunno.  At least, not yet.

So ... I was surprised when I was offered a copy of them burned to a CD.  I'm not sure if it came from my publisher or the production company that recorded the books.  So now I can't WAIT to hear the books performed.  I'm probably going to start with Bookplate Special, because that's my favorite.  But I might change my mind once I hear Chapter and Hearse. Anyway, some libraries lend out MP3-based books, so that's one source of listening to them. 

But here's the link to





Barnes & Noble


The above retailers are supposed to have the audiobooks now, but as you can see, I could only find four of the seven places that have them listed.  (Good old Barnes & Noble!!)  I can't wait to actually hear the books being performed.  And yes, that's the proper word, because although I've heard my books read by software (it's a great way to find glitches), nothing compares with hearing an actor give life to the words.  This is going to be a real treat!

KINDLE UPDATE:  I know a lot of people are wondering where the Kindle edition of Chapter & Hearse is -- yeah, so are we.  All I can tell you is that Amazon is being nagged.  Hopefully it'll be up in a day or two.  But in the meantime, there's always the paperback!