Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A question on Teacup Tuesday

Happy Teacup Tuesday. The Victoria Square Tea Room becomes very important in YULE B E DEAD, which comes out on November 27th. In once scene, Vendor Gwen mentions to Katie that one of the scones she bought had a tiny piece of mold on it.

Here's the backstory behind that little tidbit:  There was a little barbecue restaurant near our cottage. There never seemed to be any customers, and Mr. L and I felt sorry for the proprietress. So one day we decided to try it. It was very small--only about four tables. Mr. L LOVES barbecue and she made pork barbecue. So we ordered some pulled pork sandwiches. Mr. L thoroughly enjoyed his. But my bun had a spot of mold. I picked it off and ate the sandwich, but I wasn't happy about it. And we never went back. The place went out of business soon after. Now I always look at the bread on and sandwich I order.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and found mold on anything you ordered?


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My experience with mold is in the comments.

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