Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An anniversary I wish had never come . . .

Dad's Kodak's Picture2 A year ago today was the last time I saw my Dad alive.

A year ago tomorrow was the last time I saw my Dad.

It's been a terrible year for me.  Many successes, but the most devastating lows of my life, too.  I thought I had experienced grief before, but losing beloved pets and relatives I hardly knew did not prepare me for what real loss felt like.
A year later, there's still a gaping wound on my heart.

Where did the year go?  I made the New York Times bestsellers list twice.  I've traveled to Washington, DC and to New England.  The cottage bathroom had a refit (and a leaky hot water heater).  The seasons came and went.  And still my Dad is gone.

I can't get used to not having him there to ask advice.  I depended on his experience and wisdom. There are so many things I wanted to tell him, and I wanted him to tell me.

Time marches on . . . without my Dad.