Monday, February 2, 2009


Well, by now old Phil (of Punxsutawney) has come out of his hole and seen his shadow. Six more weeks of winter ... yada yada yada. (I hate the little bugger. Yeah, the calendar tells me there's still at LEAST six more weeks of winter, but couldn't he at least boost our hopes and predict an early spring just for the hell of it?)

Groundhog Day means two things to me. A.) My friend Lee Shackleford's birthday (Hi, Lee! Have a Happy!) and B.) The movie with Bill Murray.

Ground hog day movie poster
I'm a BIG fan of Lee Shackleford. Not so big a fan of Bill Murray. But I do love the movie Groundhog Day, and I suppose it's because of Bill Murray that I watch this movie so many times. He starts out a complete ass, and after reliving the same day over and over again, learns to be a great guy with a heart of gold. But it takes reliving that day hundreds of times for him to get his life in order.

My favorite part of the movie (aside from him shoving an entire piece of angel food cake into his mouth--and Andie McDowell's reaction), are the parts where he (SPOILER ALERT) makes good use of this repeating day and does good deeds, learns to play the piano, make ice sculptures (with chainsaw and knife). The scene at the party makes a great crescendo.

Skullhead's veil
If there was one day I could live over again, it would be my wedding day -- or maybe Christmas 1991, the two happiest days of my life. I'd get married in another venue (my brother's backyard on the water -- and hire a tent and a different caterer) -- and for Christmas: that one was almost perfect. I think I'd leave that one alone.

What day of your life would you live over?