Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did you really mean what you said?

Do you know what e readers call traditionally published books?  Dead tree books.

I've heard from many Booktown readers who tell me they would LOVE to read my Jeff Resnick series . . . if only they could hold it in their hands.  Smell the smell of a newly printed book, and keep it on their shelf forever.

Well, I've called your bluff.  The Jeff Resnick books are once again in print.  And for one of them, it's FINALLY in print.  And here they with a brief description and links to purchase: Murder on the Mind
Print Version  $13.95, Trade paperback
Kindle ~ Nook ~ Sony E Reader ~ Smashwords ~ iPad
After a mugging in Manhattan leaves him with a broken arm and fractured skull, insurance investigator Jeff Resnick reluctantly agrees to recover at the home of his estranged half brother, Richard.  At first, Jeff believes his graphic nightmares of murder are just the workings of his traumatized mind.  But when a local banker is found dead, Jeff believes the attack has left him with a sixth sense--an ability to see murder before it happens.

Piecing together clues he saw in his dreams, Jeff attempts to solve the crime.  His brother Richard is skeptical, but unsettling developments begin to forge a tentative bond.  Soon, things that couldn’t be explained by premonition come to light, and Jeff finds himself probing into dangerous secrets that touch his own traumatic past in wintry Buffalo--where a killer is ready to darken Jeff’s visions permanently.

DIRsmall Dead In Red
Hardcover from my web site, postage paid, $11 media rate, $13 priority, $22 International
Sometimes it seems like murder and mayhem follow Jeff Resnick, challenging his psychic “sixth sense” to solve crimes.  Since the vicious mugging that changed his life, he’s tried to keep his unwanted gift in check.  But when a bartender at his favorite watering hole is murdered, visions of a sparkling red woman’s high-heeled shoe and a pair of bloody hands linger in his mind--and hit too close to home.  When Jeff’s older brother, Richard, last helped him with an investigation, it nearly cost him his life.  Still, Richard is determined to tag along as Jeff is drawn into the seamy world of fetishes and drag queens to find a murderer before another life is taken.

DEAD_IN_RED-Kindle-sm Dead In Red
Sony E Reader
(Isn't this new cover intriguing?) Cheated By Death
first time in print, $13.95 Trade paperback
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In this third of a series, Jeff Resnick faces a new dilemma:  someone is stalking his sister-in-law, Brenda, who fears that violence from pro-life supporters will escalate near the womens clinic where she works. Or could the vandalism, threatening phone calls, and letters against her have come from her abusive ex-husband? Meanwhile, Jeff grapples with meeting his estranged father and the sister he never knew existed.

So, was it just talk, or will readers who don't have e readers embrace these books?

WORD OF WARNING:  These books are not cozy mysteries.  They're either psychological suspense or could be classed as a paranormal thriller.  It depends on who's making the classification.  But if you look at the Amazon reviews, you'll find they have mostly received five stars reviews.  No brag, just fact.

So, now that I've called your bluff, will you call mine?