Friday, March 30, 2012

Is seeing believing?

Last winter, I was sitting in my usual spot on the black leather couch in my living room and happened to glance out of the sliding glass door that looks out on my neighbor's yard ... and was surprised to note that I was being watched.

Tree trunk1
Yes, that's a tree trunk.  A pine tree trunk.  Naturally the closer you get, the less it looks like a face.  So I backed up to take another shot.

Tree trunk 2

And another.

Tree trunk4

Do you see the eyes, a nose,and a mouth, or am I just looney?

It used to freak me out to see that face, which I can also see from my office window.  But now ... I'm rather comforted by it.  It looks after me and our home.  It's benign, possibly even friendly.  And I suppose it's no odder than seeing Mother Teresa in a cinnamon bun.

Mother Teresa

Have you ever seen a face in some inanimate object?