Saturday, June 4, 2016

A junking I will go!

One of my favorite summer activities is heading out for yard sales on Saturday mornings.Today is the BIG sale in Lyons, NY. It's one neighborhood and I try not to miss it. Okay, the last couple of years it hasn't been as good, but they still sell Zweigle's hot dogs (for Mr. L -- and he eats it at 9 am), fried dough (that's for me!), and I get such great stuff. (Like bracelets, pictures, and books.)

Yesterday, I stopped at a sale and bought these beauties. Aren't they adorable?

They're only 6 inches tall. I haven't decided where they'll go yet, but I will find the perfect spot for them ... eventually. Since I no longer have a booth in an antiques co-op, I only buy what I fall in love with.

What do YOU look for at yard sales?