Friday, July 3, 2009

First Tomato of 2009*

2009_1st_tomato Oh, wow! My first tomato of the season. This is from the celebrity "vines." I have a bunch of flowers, but so far only this one little tomato, which is about the size of my thumbnail. But hey, they have to start small before they get bigger, right?

The heirloom "seedlings" took an awful hit with the hail storm last week, and I did lose one. The others are holding their own, but seem to be a bit soggy from all the rain. (They and everyone else.) But, hey, if I get just one tomato from that batch, I'll be ... well, not happy, but I'll accept it. (And it better be good for all the angst I've gone through.)

* No sooner did I type this, than hubby called me out to show me two more. (On different plants.) Yee-ha! I see many BLTs in my future.