Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hit the road and listen to the Booktown Mysteries!

It seems like the author is always the last to know -- that's how I felt over the weekend when I got a Facebook message from one of my readers congratulating me for the continuation of the Booktown Mystery series in audio.

Hal Shelf Audible-smNo, way, I thought. I was told unless sales improved that it wasn't likely to happen. And from the looks of my last royalty statement, I was pretty sure that was still true. But no--I checked the website and sure enough, there were Murder On The Half Shelf, Not The Killing Type, and Book Clubbed, all available for preorder and with a new narrator. And good news for those who don't like downloading to an MP3 player -- they'll all be available in CD format.

I know most people order their audio books from Audible or Amazon, but so far only Murder On The Half Shelf is listed (and, for preorders, it's for sale at half price for the MP3 version from the publisher, Tantor Media, and discounted 25% for the CD version). It'll be released on April 2nd. Not the Killing Type will be released on April 14th, so maybe it'll show up two weeks before release day.  Book Clubbed will be released the same day as the hardcover and ebook versions (July 1st).

I was lucky enough to get an author copy of of the previous books, but don't know if I will get copies of these. (And I'd sure like them in CD format because my MP3 player got screwed up.  Don't ask!)  Meanwhile, I'll be very interested to hear what my listeners think of these new books.

So, do YOU listen to audiobooks?