Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Teacup Tuesday: Readers share their beautiful teacups and dishes

Pink Teacup Tuesday
Well, I missed a week.  Then I thought I had written the blog post and would just post it this week.  Hello, I got the pictures ready, but forgot to write the post.  Oy.  (My excuse:  I've been writing up a storm!)

Last time out, I invited readers to submit pictures of their own china cabinets.  Two readers took me up on the challenge.  First up, is Diane L. from Manchester, CT submitted two pictures.  Here's her curio cabinet.

Diane's curio cabinet

and here's a view of her dining room.  Just lovely, Diane!

Diane's dining room

Suzann F. from Bethlehem, PA is a collector after my own heart.  She has a lot of really neat collectibles she keeps in a number of cabinets and shelves.


Look at the detail on that drawer!  Beautiful.


Don't you just love those turkey plates?  I have a turkey platter with a similar design.


Pretty, pretty, pretty!


Thanks Diane and Suzann for sharing your lovely cups and plates with us.