Monday, December 20, 2010

Only 20 days late

Yahoo groups Last summer, I set up an electronic calendar for myself on my yahoogroup.  Yup, I have a yahoogroup that's just for me and I set it up solely to send myself reminders.  To go to the dentist, etc.  To remind me when I need to guest posts on other blogs, etc.
The one thing I forgot to put on the calendar?  My book deadlines.  No, instead I had (earlier, I admit), put up a reminder on the shelves next to my desk.  Only I put it too high.

I looked at the note on Friday morning and -- Holy smoke!  I missed my deadline to send in the synopsis for the third Victoria Square book!!!!  Somehow I knew it must have been due about now (why was I thinking JANUARY first not DECEMBER first???) or else why would I have looked up at it?  And -- gulp -- there was the bad news.

Christmas bustle So I spent the weekend working on the synopsis.  (Along with yet more Christmas bustling.)  The thing is, I worked on that sucker for hours and hours and it's only ONE PAGE LONG.  And now that I'm all psyched to start working on the book, I have to put it off for two months while I finish up the one I'm falling behind on because of all this Christmas hustle and bustle.  (It's too bad we can't separate the month of December from the rest of the year so that we don't have to work and can enjoy it.  There must be some way to do that within the space/time continuum.)

So, off it will go to my editor and out I will go to do more hustle and bustle.
I love the holiday season, but I'll be glad when it's over so I can get some work done.

How about you?