Monday, February 3, 2014

Me? A tissue snob?

Ick--but not as horrible as some boxes.
Yes, I am a tissue snob.  My go-to toss-away hankie is a box of Puff Plus Lotion. Okay, I do have a packet of REAL Kleenex in my purse (thank you , Mr. L, for the stocking stuffer), but my good-to-go tissue is Puffs Plus.

NOT REGULAR PUFFS.  My god, blow your nose with regular Puss and you're likely to inhale a half acre of lint. No, thank you.

But Puffs Plus are soft on your nose (which is especially important if you have a cold) and have no perfumes or dyes. I keep Puffs Pluss in my living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, and we each have boxes in our cars.

My only complaint? Ugly boxes.

Shabby chic puffs-sm
My shabby chic tissue box.
OMG--who is designing the horrible cardboard homes that house this amazing product?  Sorry, but I'ver been reusing my shabby chic floral box and another with irises on it for over eight years because they are pretty and the crappy art on the boxes these past few years has been so butt UGLY.

I take new tissues from the ugly boxes and put them in the pretty boxes.  And I will continue to do so until Procter & Gamble comes up with some nice art on the boxes. (I'm not holding my breath.)

There's just one big flaw with Puffs Plus:  you can't clean your glasses.  Nope.  Don't even try.  The bottom of my shirt does that very well.

What's your favorite brand of tissue, and why?