Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oops, don't fall on me

Why is it that paper seems to breed in my office?  I've been avoiding my office easy chair for some time because the little table next to it was so piled full of papers they'd spilled over onto the chair (which also houses a bunch of other stuff making it unfit to sit in).

Over the weekend I'd had it.  I decided it was time to tackle that pile.  And I tossed more than half of it.  But now I have to figure out where to put the papers I saved.

They consist of:  recipes, magazine articles, old invoices, receipts, manuscript formatting instructions, newsletters, software instructions, newspaper clippings and other odd things.

So, once I have them all sorted into the appropriate piles (Um, that hasn't happened quite yet), what do I do with them?

I have a nice oak four-drawer file cabinet . . . which also happens to be stuffed to bursting.  It's time to lighten that load, too.  But here comest he problem:  no time.  Hey, I've got a book to write, and a promotion to plan for the next book, meanwhile I'm still juggling the fallout from the last book. (Which is a very nice problem to have.)  I can't even stuff it in the closet (which, as you recall, I sorted through the week before, because it's now crammed full again).

I'm starting to think the best thing might be to just toss this stuff in the recycle bin and start all over again.  I mean, I haven't missed it so far, right?

But ... I won't do that either.

I need a black hole to hide the stuff in.

Do papers breed in your house, too?