Monday, September 12, 2016

Who knew there were so many Dollar Tree Haul Videos

I must be doing something REALLY wrong when it comes to my book trailer videos and uploading them to Youtube. After two years, the one for A Crafty Killing has EIGHT views. Book Clubbed has over 400, but most of them have less than 100.

Dollar tree haulOne of my readers makes videos of her Dollar Tree hauls, which is how I got started watching them. There are literally HUNDREDS of Dollar Tree Haul videos out there and some of them get THOUSANDS of views. I didn't know this until I subscribed to one Lady's channel because she had a cooking video. (I LOVE cooking videos and watch a lot of them -- usually when I'm supposed to be writing.)

I try to get in and out of the Dollar Tree as fast as possible (because you can drop money like crazy for stuff you really don't need.) I mostly buy padded envelopes, cheaters, and batteries. When my Mum was alive, I'd buy her Ginger Snaps (if they had them--they go FAST. But then Wegmans started carrying them again, so now I can easily get MY ginger snap fix.)

So, what do you think the fascination is with the Dollar Tree?

P.S. If you want to see the Crafty Killing video (which Ellery Adams and I made together) click this link.