Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And the diet drags on . . .

Scale I've been on a diet for more than 6 weeks now. The first 2.5 weeks were on Atkins. I really don't know if I lost any weight because our scale died.

That was not good. Before it died it blurted that I had not only regained the 2.5 pounds I thought I'd lost, but gained another 1.5 pounds. Then we bought a new one almost a month ago. When I got on it, it said I had lost five pounds that the other one had said I'd gained. I like that scale MUCH better than old one. (We tossed the old one in the trash and did not even wish it well in it's new afterlife at the Millseat Landfill.)

Iceburg lettuce So ... new scale is telling me I'm losing weight VERY SLOWLY but steadily and all because of . . . Iceberg lettuce.

Do I need to remind you how BLAND iceberg lettuce is?  The only thing that makes it paltable was adding one hard boiled egg.  (I LOVE hard-boiled eggs.)

I've been experimenting with different light dressings and so far Wishbone Lite French is the best.
Brownie Meanwhile, I've been dreaming about SWEETS.  Cake, cookies, scones, even roasted carrots.  But I'm determined to lose weight so Mr. Iceberg is my friend.

Sort of.

What do you think is the best diet food that will satisify someone who is REALLY hungry?  (And remember, I'm eating for three.)

 and L.L.