Thursday, December 17, 2009

PET PEEVE THURSDAY: Having No Pet Peeves

Star with blinky lights Can you imagine this:  just a week before Christmas and I haven't got one thing to be annoyed about.

I did some major shopping the other day (I was gone from 10 a.m. until after 4 p.m.) and everyone I ran across was NICE.  I was in Macy's and not only did a salesperson approach me and ask if I needed help, she stuck with me for half an hour, made sure I had boxes, and found someone to ring up my sale.  You see, this woman was a DISTRICT MANAGER, but she was helping out because they were shorthanded.  Let me tell you, Macy's is now MY favorite place to Christmas shop.  (Except for bookstores, of course.)

People held the door open for me and my mother.

People wished us "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays," and to "have a nice day."

Traffic was heavy, but no one acted like an idiot and refused to let me change lanes when I needed to.

I wish this Christmas spirit could last the whole year.