Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting ready for the Christmas rush , , ,

Boxes Why is it everytime my office STARTS to look tidy, I have to go and mess it up again?
This time, I'm getting ready for my first of three holiday craft shows.

It turns out that I need a LOT of stuff for one of the jaunts.  FIrst of all, I have two cases of books.  Then I have a box that contains goody bags, a few extra books, my newsletter sign-up book, book stands, plastic bags (that say "thank you" to put Plastic-bag people's purchases in).  I also bring a CD player and Christmas CDs, table, tablecloths, bookmarks, posters, cash box, price sheets, and my lunch.


You'd think it would be easy to get all this stuff assembled.  But nooooo!  I had to hide the two boxes that hold some of the stuff I take every time.  So I had to search for them in the basement.  Then I had to assemble the Goody Bags.  That took three hours.  And on and on . . .

So now I have six boxes sitting around in my already crowded office, a 3 x 2 foot poster and a couple of smaller ones, too.  Two baskets, and my tiny CD player. Feels a little cramped in here.

LordCalvertCanadianLabel Friday night I'll pack up the car so that I can jump in at 7:50 on Saturday morning and drive to "the show."  Then I have to unpack, move the car to an adjacent parking lot, come back to the church.  Set up and be smiling and happy for the next seven hours.  Then I'll strike the set, go get the car.  Pack up, drive home, where hubby will help me unpack the car and then hand me a nice big glass of Lord Calvert and soda.


Two weeks later, I'll do it all again.

A week after that, I'll do it all again.

It's kind of a love/hate thing.  I love to meet readers and talk with them.  I love the excitement of the show and seeing a lot of my old friends from the days I had a booth at an antique co-op, but I'll also be glad at 4 p.m. on December 11th when I'll be done for another year.

In case you're in the Rochester, NY area and want to come to one of these shows, here's the schedule:

Snowman-cookie-orn Saturday Nov. 20, 9 am - 4 pm
Churchmouse Bazaar
Gates Presbyterian Church
1049 Wegman Road
Rochester, NY  14624

Saturday, Dec. 4, 9 am - 4 pm
School #46 Holiday Bazaar
250 Newcastle Road
Rochester, NY  14610

Saturday, Dec. 11, 10 am - 4 pm
Greece Olympia Craft Sale
1139 Maiden Lane
Rochester, NY  14615

And in case you wonder what I'll be doing at these craft shows . . . I'll be signing books.

Will I see you there?