Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I know I must have mentioned at least once how my favorite meal is LUNCH.  I love lunch.  It's always a surprise.  Do I have a sandwich?  Leftovers?  Open that packet of aloo matar and add leftover peas?

DenverOmlette02 I especially love to go OUT to lunch.  Then I'd have something I don't normally have at home--like an omelet, or a club sandwich, or sometimes I get wild and crazy and actually order a HAMBURGER!!!

I don't need a fancy restaurant, either (although I do love Tastings here in town).  Mostly we go to diners and family restaurants.  We rarely patronize franchise restaurants.  There's nothing particularly special about something a local teen has heated up in a microwave, or a tub of trans fat.  

Tuna salad Yesterday was our wedding anniversary and we'd planned to go out to lunch to celebrate.  Well, the best laid plans and all that.  First one thing and then another came up and the next thing you know, I'm eating a tuna sandwich at home.  (It was really good, by the way--I add lots of crunchies: celery, onion, and tons of lettuce.)  

We're still up in the air about lunch for today.  But I'm hoping.

What's your favorite meal to eat out?