Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back to Square One?

Even though I won't have the cover for my first Victoria Square book for another three, four (five?) months, I've got a conference to go to at the end of April (Malice Domestic, in case anyone wondered).  I'd like to be able to hand something out to people that says, "Be on the lookout for . . ."

Artist drawing Therefore, I've been working on a bookmark to hand out.

I love this aspect of promotion.  And in this instance, I came up with everything:  the concept, the wording, the placement.  What fun to bully ... er, suggest to my art director ... everything about the project.

All I needed before going to print was the ISBN.  But I also wanted to talk to my editor about another promotional idea I had, so I sent him an email with the bookmark jpg attached.
I was quite surprised when within an hour of hitting send he was on the phone:  How attached was I to the title of the book?

This question never bodes well.

I told him I wasn't married to it.  That is, I could live with a change.  After all, this wasn't my first choice of a title.  In fact, I think it's at least the third (possibly fourth?) title this book has had.  He said they'd (presumably the Marketing Dept. -- since they were the LEAST thrilled with the title) have a meeting and have something to me by Friday.

One of my biggest character flaws is a lack of patience.  Therefore, I went right to my cozy author chums and my favorite cozy reader list and asked for help. 

Wow--these ladies are quick on the title draw.  Within four hours, I had at least 50 title suggestions.  I think one of them is a real standout ... but it won't be up to me to pick the winner.  And the Marketing Department might not like ANY of the titles.  Still, I sent them off to my editor this morning.

Now I wait.  And hope.  And I'll let you know as soon as I know what the new title of Victoria Square #1 is to be.