Monday, May 3, 2010

The dreaded author photo and more . . .

Last week when I got the blurb for the back cover of A CRAFTY KILLING (the first Victoria Square Mystery), I noticed two things that kind of made me go--Whoa!.  First:

Woman question head AUTHOR PHOTO

Oooh.  I hate the author photo I have right now -- not through any fault of the photographer just that ... it's me.  Ick.  And it's now time to get another one.  Oh, I dread it.  And this time I'll have to go the whole nine yards and get a professional photo taken.  That means dressing up.  That means getting my hair and make-up done.

Some author photos look NOTHING like the authors.  I can think of one author who has a fabulous photo -- which makes her look like some kind of super model.  I didn't recognize her when I met her in person, when she wasn't made up and airbrushed to look twenty (or thirty) years younger.

I'll have to bit the bullet and do it sometimes in the next couple of months.  *Sigh*
But I was really disappointed in the following bio:

LORRAINE BARTLETT is a New York Times bestselling mystery author of another mystery series.
She lives and writes in Rochester, New York.

I wish they'd say WHAT mystery series it is that I write?  Don't they want that audience to find my new series?  Oh, you guys that follow this blog (all 60 or so) know I write as Lorna Barrett, and even though I tell everyone at every opportunity, and have it plastered on my blog banners and a page on ALL THREE of my web sites, most people don't know.


Biting nails So I guess I just have to hope that the initials LB help out -- and that being shelved together in bookstores will be lucky.

In the meantime, I'll be biting my nails for the next year or so until I get my first royalty statement and hope Lorna's readers will become Lorraine's readers, too.