Monday, May 10, 2010

Let's Go Junking!

Garage Sale Sign I had a booth in an antiques co-op for just shy of twelve years.  You can take the girl out of the co-op, but you can't take the thrill of the hunt for stuff away from the girl.

As a woman with a mortgage, I never had the money to invest in high-end antiques, so I settled for low-end collectibles, dishes, and anything that struck my fancy.  When I got my first contract for the Booktown Mysteries, I knew I couldn't juggle that, the necessary promotion, and the amount of work it took to keep up my inventory, plus the cleaning and repairing of "merchandise."  And . . . it wasn't fun anymore.  Sadly, I knew then it was time to give it up.  I still miss it--and the friends I made at the co-op.  (But I don't miss the work.)

Handpainted_s&p Still, when spring arrives, I'm raring to hit the yard sales.  And I cannot resist certain type of things.  Like ... dishes.  Figurines.  And anything that strikes my fancy.

This year, the yard sales have been sparse.  In fact, they were last year, too.  I read in the paper where thrift shops are having a tough time because people are hanging onto their junk.  They're not donating ... and apparently they're not having yard sales, either.  This does not bode well for the person who loves to go junking.  Here we are in mid-May and I've only been to two sales.  (Okay, I went to an estate sale, too, but didn't buy anything.)

I'm feeling yard sale withdrawal.

There's not much I can do about it, except check the paper (and I should probably start checking Craigslist) for sales.

Anybody else jonsing to go junking?