Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Talk about a surprise!

Kindle3G Last week, Mr. Lorna surprised me with a Kindle 3G!  It was wrapped in colorful paper that I tore off with a bit of trepidation.  What could be inside that rectangular shaped box.  Ah!  Maybe it was another box of DVDs ... but it seemed kind of heavy.

I opened the box and there it was--a white power cord.  That's it.


I wondered what the heck that was.  Then I realized there was something stuck to the top of the box.

I felt my jaw drop as I realized it was a Kindle.  MY Kindle!

That was the last thing I expected and I was a bit overwhelmed.  I mean, it wasn't even the cheapie model!

"Why?" I managed to say with surprise and delight.

"I thought you should be able to read your own ebooks," he said.

Whoa!  The only problem is -- I have not had time to play with it.  And should I read my own stories first?  Should I buy a bunch of old favorites so that I could always have them at hand wherever I go?  Or should I buy some new books--books by my friends?

So there is sits, empty.  So far I think hubby has had more fun with than me.  Okay, I'll admit it, I'm a little intimidated by it, too.  But I'm sure that won't last long. It's a new toy. 


So, any suggestions on titles I should acquire?