Monday, July 12, 2010

Hope it works this time

Hot as hell The long hot summer seems to be getting longer and HOTTER.  Not only that, but the lack of a blind saga continues.  Back on June 22nd, I wrote about how I was about to be spared being fried every afternoon in my home office.  We bought a black-out blind and all I had to do was install it.

Well, THAT didn't work out.  The window was too shallow and the decorative molding on the casing prevented installation.  What did that leave me with?  A useless blind I couldn't take back (it had been cut to size).

Window blind But, one of my readers (Hi, Julie!) suggested we try a place online--and that they'd even send samples for color.  So, we ordered one -- and today it SHOULD arrive. (It was shipped last week.)  The blind was at LEAST $100 cheaper than the ones we saw at Home Depot and with free shipping. 

Oh, how I'm looking forward to that installation. You see, I've had my desk pulled away from the wall and a stepladder standing in front of the window since June 22nd.  That means I trip over the chair, the printer, the fan and my little work table on almost an hourly basis. 

Ups_man Yup, when the UPS man arrives today I may just throw my arms around him and kiss him.  SWAK!

I just know I'm going to love my new blinds!