Thursday, November 3, 2011

When Did Common Courtesy Become Uncommon?

Cocktail ringLast week I got an email from someone who wanted to sell jewelry at my holiday bazaar.

Um...I don't HAVE a holiday bazaar.  I am, however, participating in three of them (and if you're in the Rochester area you can check them out.  I've got them listed on my website(s) under Events).

Nowhere in the note was there a nicety like, "could you give me some information (PLEASE)," or "thank you for your trouble."  Nope, just "call me at this number."

I emailed her the information I had.  I got a note back saying, "the telephone number for this person doesn't work."  Not, "could you recheck the number or give me another one?" or "Thank you for your trouble."

Nope.  Nothing.  I thought twice about answering, but did anyway.  (My parents brought ME up right.)  And did I hear back from her saying "thank you for your help?"


As it happens, it's probably too late for her to rent booth space (I rented mine back in the summer and I've been on their lists for years).  She's not selling hand-crafted jewelry, either, so it's not likely they're going to let her in the shows anyway.

But you know -- a please and a thank would would have been nice.  After all, these shows are holiday bazaars and aren't we supposed to be nicer to each other during the holidays?
Common courtesy seems to be foreign to most people these days.

More's the pity.