Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today's guest blogger is New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Karen Harper -- and Karen has several things on her mind.

OSUAs a former high school and university (Ohio State--"Go Bucks!") English instructor, a lot of my pet peeves are related to the demise of proper English, but I won't bore you with that, except for my #1 hit pick. No one needs to say "the reason why" to explain something. Reason and why are redundant. Just say "the reason is" or use the word why alone. Yes, I realize I've got to get over it that the English language--which is always evolving--has left that behind. (Sigh)
Actually my #1 real-life pet peeve right now (besides being rear-ended by a woman who was on a cell phone) is TV news anchors or reporters who may look great but who have grating-on-the-ear voices. Don't the TV stations partly hire people for a good voice, or is that discrimination in hiring these days? This occurs mostly on regional stations, not national news and seldom on radio. Don't they realize that listeners don't want a too guttural or piercing or baby girl voice delivering the news? It's disturbing enough by itself, so at least we ought to have a reassuring, calm voice relating it to us. Count yourself fortunate if your local TV stations hires anchors and reporters with modulated voices. (Hm, I just gave three pet peeves here, so I hope Lorraine doesn't notice. Thanks for letting me vent!)

And what's bugging you today?
Mistress shakespeareNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author Karen Harper has a new book out today! It's Mistress Shakespeare (and isn't that cover just gorgeous?). Karen writes contemporary and historical fiction. For more information about Karen and her books, please visit her website.

Also, Karen will be giving away a free copy of Mistress Shakespeare when she guest posts on the Writers Plot blog on Valentine's Day. Stay tuned for more information.