Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why can't I find any pants in my size?

I've got an "occasion" coming up and I decided to go online to try to buy some new pants.  Guess what.  There are no pants in my size with a high waist.  They cannot be bought for ANY PRICE.

I have been buying my jeans from JCPenny for at least the last 15 years.  Why?  Because they sell to tall women.  Okay, I'm not all that tall (5' 7"), but I do happen to have long legs.  I need pants that are at LEAST 31 inches.  Guess what?  The average length is 29 1/2 inches.  So what's an inch and a half, right?  Well, it might as well be 6 inches in the winter when your pants are far above your ankle.

But now that Penny's has gone out of the catalog business--there went my source for pants that actually fit.  (I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS, JCP!!!)

But even if I can find pants that are long enough, I can't find them with a high waist.  Someone my size does NOT look good in hip-hugger jeans.  Every week I go shopping and see heavyset women in low-riding pants with rolls of excess flesh hanging over the top.  That's not a look I want.

Before I could find tall jeans, my Mom used to add a length of denim to the bottoms of my pants.  This was not an elegant solution, and you can't do that with dress pants.

I have searched the web and can't find any pants I can wear.

Don't tell me to wear a dress -- I gave that up years ago because I couldn't find anything flattering.  (It doesn't help that I don't know how to pick clothes.)

I may have to go to this party in my yoga pants.

Are you hard to fit?  If so, where do you buy your clothes?