Thursday, March 27, 2014

An online booksigning!

Not a week goes by when someone asks me, "When are you coming to my town for a booksigning?" The truth is, probably never. More and more bookstores are reluctant to set them up, and since I don't fly (and tend to fall asleep at the wheel when I have to drive for more than two hours), it's usually a mighty long (and expensive) train trip to get anywhere.

But fear not, those of you with e books--and even those without--I can have an online booksigning at any time of the day or night thanks to Authorgraph.


What's Authorgraph? A FREE online service that connects reads to authors.  Authors sign a digital bookplate and the reader can add them to his/her books, or print them out and add them to print books.  (Hey, win-win situation!)

You can request my Lorna Barrett/Booktown books here:  Lorna

You can request my Lorraine Bartlett/Victoria Square books here:  Lorraine

You can request my L.L. Bartlett/Jeff Resnick books here:  L.L.

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Recipe-box_very smallHey, it's Update Thursday -- I'm adding a recipe a week to my Lorna website.  Check out this week's recipe from Murder Is Binding.