Friday, January 8, 2010

Icicle Season Has Begun!

January If I didn't have any calanders in the house, I would still know that January has arrived.  Why?  Because the icicles have returned to my house.

The bright-boy architect (it had to be a man, because this house was built in 1967) decided to put the front door smack-dab under a roof valley.  That means the gutter builds up a massive ice dam, and we get loads of icicles.

Icicles_2a While they're really quite pretty to look at (especially if you look at them through the glow of your Christmas lights, but honestly, can I keep turning them on through March?), they make entering the house a real safety hazard--not just from melting onto the step, but possibly falling on your head.  (Since that picture was taken, they've grown to massive proportions--and in only a day or so.)  I whack them off--they grow back.

What hazards are you avoiding at your house?