Monday, February 21, 2011

Look, I can juggle!

Stressed desserts This week I'm in the middle of three writing projects.  Can you say STRESS???  But it's good stress for once because I'm enjoying it.  How often does one get to read three of their different projects in one week.

Yesterday morning I finished my rewrite on MURDER ON THE HALF SHELF, the 6th Booktown Mystery, and shipped it off to my first reader for input.  (So far she's liking it.  Hey, Mikey!)

Within a couple of hours, I hauled out BOUND BY SUGGESTION, Jeff Resnick Book #4.  It needs a small rewrite before it goes up on Kindle and is made into a Trade Paperback (hopefully next month.  The cover is scheduled for delivery the week of the 14th.)

On tap for today is the galley proof for SENTENCED TO DEATH, the 5th Booktown Mystery, that'll be published June 7th.

Woman_juggling Here's the work plan:  Read the galley proof during the day.  Read Bound By Suggestion during Happy Hour.  In the evening, add changes to Bound.When Murder on The Half Shelf returns, it gets top priority.  Technically, it's not due until March 10th, but I want that puppy out of here on March 1st.  The Galley has a deadline of March 3rd.  I need to start writing the third Victoria Square Mystery beginning in early March if I want to have it done for its September 1st deadline.

While I'm writing that, I have a proposal and synopsis to write and two short stories to finish, and I'd like to butcher the first 2nd Jeff Resnick book to upload as a novella.  There are important plot points in that book that are used the subsequent books.  It can't go as is because I used some plot points in Dead in Red (the 2nd 2nd Jeff Resnick book.  Long story.)
So, that's what I call juggling.

I'm psyched. This is going to either be a fun writing year or the writing year from hell.

Now to hope people will want to read all these projects.

What are you juggling?