Monday, April 15, 2013

My latest releases ...

I've stepped out of my mystery comfort zone and am writing in another genre. I'm pleased to announce the Tales of Telenia fantasy series, featuring astronaut Amanda Shelton.

Whoa! That is a departure ... fantasy. Well, I call it a cross between fantasy lite and space opera ... and I may have it labeled all wrong. All I know is that one day Amanda stepped forward and demanded I tell her story.

THRESHOLD-smWhen a spatial rift causes Amanda Shelton’s space shuttle to crash land on an unknown planet, she awakens to find herself locked in a cell with a tutor charged with teaching her an alien language. Crown Prince Paxdon is determined to scavenge not only her ship, but any technology he can squeeze from her brain to vanquish his enemies in a neighboring province.  But just who is Amanda’s real adversary; the warriors in the north or the people of Telenia?

Available for:  Kindle ~ Nook ~ Kobo ~ Smashwords

(Click here for an excerpt.)

and in the follow-up ...

JOURNEY-smLife takes an unexpected turn when Prince Paxdon bans Amanda Shelton from Telenia’s Summer Palace, but that’s just the first step in an incredible journey that has her leading the province’s oppressed women into a life of self-sufficiency. The threat of war remains, and others are watching her every move as Amanda leaves the safety and security of the rural north and ventures to the capital city where she faces peril and life altering decisions.  Will her future be a life of luxury or despair?

Available for:  Kindle ~ Nook ~ Kobo ~ Smashwords

I wrote these books while on several vacations ... and hope to have another one written by next winter.  (Now, where should I go on vacation to do that?) It'll be called TREACHERY.

Both books will soon be available for Sony and iTunes.

Like my mysteries and other shorts, these stories are character-driven.  I hope you'll take a chance on Amanda.