Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cover Dilemma -- from great to horrible to "eh"

Well, nobody tells the author much of anything.  Turns out Sentenced to Death came out in large print on May 7th.  Did anybody tell me?  Nope.  Did I even know what the cover looked like?  Well, yes--I got an copy of it over a month ago--thinking the book had been out for months.  Maybe it'll (eventually) go up on Amazon.

These large print covers are hit and miss.  I'm either mildly pleased or extremely upset.

Wouldn't you be upset if your beautiful Berkley Prime Crime cover went from this:
Bookplate_Special.sm2 to this: Terrible cover

To be fair, after I protested, Wheeler, the large print publisher, did change it to this:


(Otherwise known as Barbie at the Soda Shoppe.)  Still, they never bothered to change it on Amazon or any of the other online bookstores, or WorldCat (library site).  Needless to say the book was not a big seller in large print.  : (

On a happier note:  guess what?  My publisher has decided to put out an omnibus edition of the first three volumes of the Booktown Mystery Series.  It's called Murder In Three Volumes and it'll be 888 pages and sell for $16 list (but Barnes and Noble and Amazon are already offering it for $10.88.)  I don't have a cover yet -- they aren't going to pay big bucks to commission a new one.  They'll use one of the existing covers and put some new type on it. I'm hoping it'll be the Murder is Binding cover.  I'm sure it'll be available for e readers, too.  It'll be out on October 2nd.

Gold canineBut in the meantime, it's only 42 days until Murder on the Half Shelf comes out, and I have to admit I'm pretty nervous.  It's a HUGE step going from paperback to hardcover (especially in these times).  So all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that everyone loves my new (and old) characters.  Here's a hint of something to come.

Care to speculate?