Friday, May 25, 2012

Kirkus Likes Murder On The Half Shelf!

No doubt about it, a good review can put you in a good mood.  Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.  In fact, a bad review can land you in the dumps for weeks, haunting your thoughts and cause you to lose confidence.  I speak from experience.

But yesterday I got a good review and that put me in a good mood (which I hope will last a couple of weeks ... especially in case any more bad reviews come in).  It was from Kirkus.  As far as I can recall, I've never been reviewed by Kirkus.  I'd heard that they could be ... well, mean is putting it mildly.  So I ws delighted that they liked Murder On The Half Shelf.  They said:

MurderOnHalfShelf.medWhen a mystery bookstore owner and her ambitious cookbook-writer sister accept a free pre-opening night room at the Sheer Comfort Inn, they walk right into murder.

Cooking maven Angelica, who’s won the room for the night, not only invites Tricia to come along, but insists on sneaking in her dog Sarge. As Tricia is walking Sarge, they discover the body of Pippa Comfort. Tricia recognizes Pippa’s husband, Jon, as Harrison Tyler, author of a famous mystery novel and her former boyfriend, who was supposed to have drowned in a boating accident 20 years before. The alibi that Harry Tyler claims now puts Tricia squarely in the sights of her current boyfriend, Police Chief Grant Baker. Because Tricia is divorced from her wealthy former husband and has seen another romance go sour, she feels hurt by Grant’s efforts to be objective and treat her as just another suspect. It doesn’t help that Tricia’s already known as the town jinx, since Pippa’s is not the first body she’s found (Sentenced to Death, 2011, etc.). Now she realizes that she’s going to have to investigate the latest murder, if only to clear her name. Stoneham, N.H., may seem like a quiet, quaint little town, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and Tricia’s sleuthing may lose her more than some friends, since a desperate killer will do anything to stay free, including killing again.
Barrett’s sixth Booktown mystery features a quirky collection of characters, a mystery that keeps you guessing, and some appealing appended recipes. 
Of course, it's the last sentence that will be used in blurbs and on websites and such.  
I'll take it.
Murder on the Half Shelf will be released on July 3rd.  (Just in time for the holiday and a beach read!)