Friday, May 4, 2012

One of the best gifts ever

IhomeMy brother gave me the BEST Christmas present ever.  An MP3 Player and a pair of tiny, battery-operated speakers.

First of all, this was the second MP3 player he's given me.  I was never able to figure out the first one, even though it came with directions.  Of course, he just gave it to me.  With this 2nd one, he actually came over and showed me how to burn my CDs to it.  Wee, cool!

But even more awesome, he gave me those tiny speakers. For years I'd been hauling around a BIG CD player when I went on a road trip.  Never again!  We took these on vacation (a cruise/train journey) and enjoyed them every day.

Caribbean nightsBut even more awesome, now I can save money when I buy my music.  Instead of buying my CDs through the mail, I skip the CD and the shipping charge and just download them to my computer.  I can still burn them to a CD if I want to, too.  (Like this last one I bought.)

Music is a big part of my life, and carrying a lot of it with me has become a lot easier.

What's made your life easier?