Saturday, April 3, 2010

Surprises in the Mailbox

I've mentioned before how I don't want Saturday mail delivery to be suspended.  Every trip to the mailbox could mean a surprise, whether it's the latest Victoria Magazine (or Tea Time, or Romantic Homes, or Celebrate!) or a royalty check.  (Which, believe me, doesn't happen often enough.)

The other day I went to my mailbox to find a HUGE envelope from my friend (and fellow author) Jennifer Stanley.  Jenn was sending me more of her bookmarks, which I distribute for the Cozy Chicks.  (Haven't seen our offer?  Go here.)

I was thrilled to open the envelope and find a box of Barbie petite note cards.  I've known Jenn for just about a year now, and not only did she know I like Barbie, but that I LOVE note cards.  (I send out a lot of them.)  Ya know, she could've been a detective!

The cards are darling, and come in four designs -- vintage Barbie, not unlike the new cover for the large print of edition of Bookplate Special, which will be released on April 16th. And speaking of the large print edition of Bookplate Special -- I'm sending out postcards to libraries.  If you'd like me to send one to YOUR library, just leave a comment and tell me the name of the library and the city it's in (I'll look up the address).

Thanks.  (And thanks again, Jenn!)