Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Teacup Tuesday: Cups, dresses, tea and so much more!

As you know, I am crazy mad for bone china teacups -- so much so that I "rescue" them and try to find new, loving homes for them. That's what Teacup Tuesday is all about.  I regift what was probably a gift from someone else and the happy cycle continues. The cups are once-again admired, appreciated, and hopefully used and enjoyed.

But here's a problem I've run into more than once ... people enter my contests and don't always give me complete information.  Several weeks ago, Sharon S. won the bone china mug.  YAY!

Rose mug

However, Sharon never signed up for my newsletter so I don't have any information on her, just her email address from when she entered the contest. I've contacted her via email twice, and left messages on Facebook for her to no avail. Sharon's loss will be someone else's gain, and that someone else is Cindy H. from Council Bluffs, IA.

LattedaMeanwhile, this weeks winner of the free sample of Boneyard tea (doesn't that sound mysterious?) from Latteda.com is Toni N. from Carol Stream, Il.


I've had a lot of fun with my character Pixie Poe in the Booktown Mysteries.  As it happens, there's a scene in Book Clubbed (that will be debut in July) where Angelica holds a tea party at Haven't Got a Clue ... and Pixie and Mr. Everett can only stand there and watch the festivities with mouths watering. If you've read the latest Booktown Books, you know that Pixie only dresses in vintage clothes. If she went to a tea party, she'd wear something stunning like this dress.

50s dress
Which leads me to this week's discussion topic:  What would you wear to afternoon tea? 

Floral cupTo enter, you need to answer the question and supply your SNAIL MAIL ADDRESS. (When you enter the contest, you agree to be added to my mailing list (if you aren't already there).  Send your entry to Lorna @ LornaBarrett.com (close up those spaces).

By the way, I'd love to hear from past winners.  Are you enjoying your cups?  Did you enjoy your Boneyard tea?  Email me and share your stories on Teacup Tuesday!
Be sure to drop by next week when my good friend Mary Jane Maffini (who also writes with her daughter as Victoria Abbott) joins us to tell us about her teacup collection!  We'll announce the winner of the floral teacup on April 15th (since it's tax day, it may make someone's day!).