Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The mysterious, disappearing ink

Hp inkSo there I was, in the middle of a BIG project, which included printing out pretty pictures on my inkjet printer, and ... didn't I run out of ink right in the middle of the print job?

It's working fine, it's working fine, it's working fine -- MY GOD, THE BLACK INK IS NOW GRAY.  Which means the color picture is going light, too.  Ugh.  And, it was too close to dinner to drop everything and run out to the office supply store (where I just was on Saturday).

Of course, this is an old printer.  Seems to me they look at their stock for older printers and go, "Hmm...Lorraine needs this.  Let's jack up the price by 50%."  Growl.  I could buy it cheaper online, but then I'd have to wait a week to get it.  I want to finish this job today.

So guess where I'm going as soon as the store opens this morning?

Does this always happen to you, too?