Friday, August 28, 2009

Wrapping up the summer

Jessie 3-14-06 For the next few days, I'll be dogsitting sweet little Jessie.  She usually goes to Doggy Daycare, but even daycare-givers need a vacation once in a while, so it's up to me to keep Jessie company during the day.  

Jessie's owners have the delux cable TV selection.  Here at Casa de Lorna, we have the cheapie package.  (Four locals, (snowy) CNN, and the Weather Channel.)  Can you say HGTV all day long?

HGTV I usually only get to see HGTV when we're on vacation, and then my poor husband's eyes glaze over and I wonder if his brainwaves become dangrously inactive.  For some reason he doesn't find househunting, bathroom and kitchen renovation (and on the cheap) or curb appeal to be . . . well, all that appealing.  Not me.  I LOVE it!  Hand me a pair of toothpicks to keep my eyes open, and I'll watch it 24/7.

I've also lined up a bunch of projects that I can do away from my office, although not necessarily away from a computer.  (Jessie's owners have broadband, too!)  

This "chore" is beginning to sound more like a vacation, to me.

And how's the end of your summer look?