Monday, February 7, 2011

The time of his life . . .

Black-eyed-peas Mr. L has been waiting for weeks to watch the super bowl. Not for the game. Maybe sort of for the commercials. But mostly he's been waiting to see the half-time show and The Black-Eyed Peas.

Now, if he were in his 20s--even in his 30s--I could see it. But he's not. He's a tad older than that. In fact, he's 16 years older than me!

I can't say I'm a fan. I mean, they're very LOUD. Mind you, I had my years of listening to loud music and I won't go into what bands they were. (I've already told you I feel OLD.)
But there was hubby watching and enjoying the show. Not only that, but he knew every song in their medley. I only knew one of their songs, the one that has part of the song from Dirty Dancing (Time of My Life) and the only reason I'm familiar with it is because he's played the video over and over again of late.

Not only does he know all the songs, he knows all the group member's bios, too.  He told me who everyone was, etc.  Of course, I'm not totally ignorant.  I've seen two segments on the group on CBS Sunday morning.  (Including yesterday morning.)

Echoes of Egypt I remember my grandfather telling my dad how much he hated my music.  My dad was a musician (among his many other talents) and he was accepting of most music.  I like to think I am, too . . . but of late, loud is just . . . too loud.  (All those years of wearing earphones I guess.)  These days I like new age music.  I can have it in the background when I write.  It's usually quiet and soothing.

And I'm sure a lot of people would say it's BORING.

Boring = old.


How about you?