Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lordess of the Flies?

I am a germaphobe.  There, I admitted it. I ought to buy stock in the Purel company because it's one product I use on a daily basis.  (More than once a day.  More than three-four times a day.  And I wash my hands a LOT -- but not compulsively.)

Fly So you can imagine my horror when suddenly there seem to be a LOT of flies inside our house.  Where the heck are they coming from?  Okay, the garage was open for hours and once a fly flies in, it seems to get stuck at the window near the door leading from the garage to the laundry room, and often they come in after us.  But we've been going through the front door to try to avoid letting the flies come in after us.

Flyswat Monday I killed two flies.  Tuesday hubby killed three flies.  Last night I killed TWELVE flies!!!  (Don't get in my way when I'm holding onto my fly swat!)

Any fly that comes into this house is DOOMED.

What's bugging YOU today?