Friday, January 28, 2011

Not my ankles!

Joe_Boxer_thermals I'm sure most of you have noticed that ... it's been a long, dark, COLD winter.  We keep the house at 70 and even that seems pretty cold most days.  So, a few weeks back, I decided to break out the thermal underwear . . .

. . . only to discover that I had left most of it at our summer cottage.  (It gets mighty cold there in April and in October.)

So, off I went to K-Mart and bought some Joe Boxer women's ANKLE LENGTH thermal pants.

The problem is, they don't reach my ankles.  They only reach mid-calf.
Sadly, I don't fit their typical body size.  I happen to have long legs, which means I can't buy pants in the regular women's section, unless I want to look like a doofus.  I have to buy "tall" items from a catalog.  And my favorite catalog is soon to be no more.  My mother told me that Penney's is going to discontinue their catalog.
My first thought was:  where will I get pants???

I have a feeling I'll be trolling the Internet for pants and hoping when I get them that they actually fit.

How about you--is there something you can't wear because your body doesn't fit some manufacturer's norm?