Sunday, October 21, 2007

Okay, guys, you're probably going to be bored by this one. Just warning you.

VictoriapremierVictoria magazine has returned with great fanfare. And it's a Christmas issue. (Kind of odd in October...but then we'll take what we can get.) The November/December issue is a very close replica of the Victoria of old, from the calling cards article to the gorgeous photography, to the regular features, like the touring article, and my favorite "Chimes" as the last article.

I read the thing from cover to cover. Twice. My favorite article was under the "collectibles" banner, "Come Back To The Five & Dime" because I am a sucker for mid-20th century Christmas kitsch. But I enjoyed "touring" article about Mystic, Connecticut. The article on Rebecca Rather (The Pastry Queen of Texas) tempted me with decadent treats. They featured her Christmas cookbook, which has a BIG coconut cake on the cover. (Write this down: Lorraine is also a SUCKER for coconut cakes.)

I've probably read at least half of Alexandra Stoddard's books, so peeking into her article, "A Room Of One's Own" and seeing where she writes and how she does it, makes me jealous. (My writing room has never looked that tidy.) But it's neat to know I'm not the only one who writes (longhand) with oddball colored inks.

Even the ads were gorgeous and complimented the editorial content. They weren't obtrusive, although I think at least 99% of them were for things I can never incorporate into my everyday life. But then who cares! Hundreds of thousands of woman turned to Victoria because it was an escape to a more genteel life--one that's impossible to find in this day and age.

Victoria very generously sent me this first issue for free. I shall now reward them with a subscription. (And hope like hell they can deliver on the promise that this first "reborn" issue has made.)