Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It seems like I never get invited to parties. California postcard And when I do, there's usually a reason I can't go. Lately, I've received a number of invitations to speak and/or sign books. Just yesterday, I got asked to participate in a library event -- in CALIFORNIA! (Only 3,000 miles away.)

Um...I don't think I'll be accepting that one.

I got invited to speak in Vermont, which is at least drivable--but it was for this month. This week, in fact. How did I know back in October that we'd have a thaw? If I'd known, I would have jumped at the chance to go--because I love New England. But battling the winter winds? Uh-uh. (Hey, I don't even want to drive a mile to the grocery store when snow is falling.)

It seems like having a new book out makes you a more popular guest. In the past week, I've received three other invitations--almost. One is a "I'll poll my writers group and if they're interested MAYBE we'll invite you." This group had invited me to speak last year -- and then canceled when most of the group decided to be snowbirds and fled the Western New York winter for Florida. Last fall, another member of the group invited me to speak and said she'd get back to me. (Do you hear the sound of crickets in the background?)

The second of three invitations was from a reader group. Except--they want me to talk about the first in the Jeff Resnick series, not the current (HOT!) Booktown Mysteries. Go figure! (I've already penciled it in.)

The third is a from a library about 50 miles from here. It's a great place--and they've made me welcome three times in the past, so it was a no-brainer to accept that invitation. They provide food, and a lot of people show up at their events. A true win-win situation. (And why can't my local libraries invite me? I've let them know I'm available.)

The invitation I'd really like to accept is to a lovely tea. Teaparty2(Except I refuse to wear a dress--sorry, my days of struggling with pantyhose are over.) A tea with linen tablecloths, bone china teacups, scones, petit fours, and delicate little tea sandwiches (sans crusts). So far, no one has invited me to such an affair--but if it's in the Rochester area, I'm available. Just ask.