Wednesday, March 11, 2009


When mealtime comes for our cats, they eagerly mill around the kitchen, waiting for the sound of the lid being ripped from the can. Two, if not three of them show up, wanting to lick the lid. Three of the four eagerly sit up. (Chester looks like a little prairie dog when he sits up.)

But then three of the four cats sniff their food, glare at me, and walk away.


Classic pateHey, this is Friskies. And it's not like we feed 'em the same gunk every day. Supposedly, we're giving them 10-15 different flavors. We buy it in case lots -- usually 15-20 cases at a time. Then I painstakingly separate them so that they get a different flavor for every meal. They don't seem to like the "classic pate."

It used to be that none of our cats liked any form of tuna/fish. But suddenly, it's only the tuna that immediately gets scarfed down. And oddly enough, some times the food that was so repugnant in the morning, is totally gone in the evening. (And, uh-oh, wouldn't you know, the tuna combinations seems to be absent from the web site. That does NOT bode well.)

Lately, I've tossed out more food than they've eaten. In fact, I've come to ask them, "Should I save time and just throw this away now?"

They glare at me.

TunaThe problem is, you never know what flavor of food will be available when you hit the store. We usually buy the food at PetSmart. Sometimes they have LOTS of variations of tuna -- last time we only managed to find one kind. (See above comment.) Foolishly, we only bought one case. The cats have let us know their disapproval.

I had a couple of coupons for Friskees Select cat food, and boy did they like it. It disappeared in minutes. The only problem is, that cat food is double the price of the regular Friskees.

I know, I know--we really shouldn't be feeding our cats commercial cat food, especially after what happened with tainted pet food. But our cats don't like "real" food. Okay, Bonnie and Betsy will eat a piece of cheese here and a piece of ham there, but offer them chicken or any other kind of meat, and they act as if they're being offered poison.

Anybody else bugged by your pet's eating habits?