Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm a sucker for a lunch invitation

Yesterday I did a library talk with the Stoney-Clover Book Club. I expected to talk to only four or five people, but was extremely pleased when nine ladies showed up to talk about Dead In Red.

Open book
As usually happens, the thing we talked about the least was the book in question. But apparently a good time was had by all. In fact, eight of them went out to lunch afterwards, and invited me to join them.

That was cool. They were extremely interesting people, and they took me to an old (we're talking been on that location since the mid-1700s) restaurant (okay, this particular building was built in the 1860s) with tin ceilings and the possibly the world's biggest urinal. (I am NOT making this up. I got the guided tour. Egg salad sandwich Too bad I didn't have my camera, eh?) I ordered a bowl of soup and an egg-and-olive sandwich on rye bread. Imagine my shock to learn that this was the world's biggest egg-and-olive sandwich, as well! (I had to bring half of it home.)

In all, I was away from home for five hours, so no real work got done. (I did manage to do a load of laundry--wash before/dry after.) But what a fun way to spend a day!