Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Angel on cloud I have become a MySpace/Facebook-aholic. Yes, I check them both on a daily basis -- and sometimes more than once.

This is not good. This is a terrible time sink. And not only do I check my own pages, I do it for a writing organization I belong to, and the group blog I'm a part of. This could mean hours lost every day.

I have to admit, I still like MySpace better than Facebook. I mean, you can see your potential friend's profile BEFORE you invite them to be your newest chum. (This weeds out the and pedophiles and other sex offenders.)

I've found some wonderful new friends and readers on MySpace. (Hi Carebear, Debbie, Val, Nana, Suse, Valda, Michelle, Deb, My Heart Wants U!!!, Jen, Dragon Lady, and, and, and...) It's always a kind of thrill when someone comments on my blog or tells me how much they enjoyed one of my books.

Of course, going on networking sites keeps me from working on my Work In Progress. So, on that note, I'd better get back to work. But don't be surprised if I take several breaks to see what my online chums are up to.