Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Authorly accouterments

I love garage sales. Have I mentioned that before? (Oh, only about a hundred times?) They're terrific. This weekend I got some really good stuff. A new popcorn bowl (I broke the perfect one about four months ago and have been experimenting ever since. This one seems to work well), some new-to-me bone china tea mugs . . . and a business card holder.

Holderwcard1 I use these at signings. I have to admit, not many people take my business cards. But a few times people have taken them with promises to book me for their readers group to to come visit their library. My last one was BORING. Opaque (white) plastic, but you could put cards on both sides. This one has a bit of glamor. Even fake diamonds! Since the heroine in my new mystery series is kind of a girlie-girl, I figured this would be perfect for me (and her).

Isn't it pretty?

What did you last buy at a yard/garage/tag sale?