Friday, May 22, 2009


Duck crossing sign I love ducks. They're so cute. I love that the town where I live is concerned for the ducks' welfare. They hang signs near the retention ponds where the ducks hang around to do duck things. Like swim, and eat and BREED.

What I don't like about ducks is the calling cards they leave behind. (I touched on this in BOOKMARKED FOR DEATH--only then it was geese. Believe me. The geese can be really bad about it.)

Threebadducks But thankfully, geese don't visit me. Ducks, however, do. And you really don't want to encourage them. That's why we're really good about pumping the top of the money pit, er, pool as soon as the ice melts. Unfortunately, we still get rain, so keeping it pumped off becomes a continuing job until the pool is finally opened in June.

That means, I'm on constant duck alert. The problem is, the ducks are used to people. You have to go out there and make an absolute fool of yourself jumping up and down and waving your arms and clapping and yelling to get them to move.

I sure hope my neighbors don't have a video camera trained on our backyard.