Thursday, May 28, 2009


Emergency computer back up We've all been told time and time again to BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER FILES. I must admit, I am one of those people who means to do it all the time and still seems to forget.

But one thing I am diligent about is baking up my current book. I put in on a flash drive, and I have online storage in case the house blows up. (Well, you never know, right?)

So yesterday I had finished my work for the day and backed it up on the flash drive, intending to go right to the online storage and POOF! My manuscript was gone. GONE! The old version was still on the flash drive, but none of the additions and changes I'd made. A WHOLE DAY'S WORK--GONE!

Can you scream MELTDOWN!!!!!!!!! (Yes, it was upsetting enough to warrant all those exclamation points.) A search of the computer brought up nothing! It couldn't even find an old version of the manuscript.

Hey, I was being good. I WAS faithfully completing my back up and still my manuscript was gone.

Glass of scotch When I could think rationally again, I remembered to check "RECENT ITEMS" -- and sure enough, there it was. Now why couldn't Vista tell me the manuscript was squirreled away in that folder? I pulled it onto the desktop, and quickly made copies. And then poured myself a very strong whiskey--light on the soda.

And what have you lost on your computer lately?