Friday, December 18, 2009

"This House Is Clean"

Cleaning lady Today marks the second time the cleaning ladies will have shown up.  As I looked around my kitchen this morning, I was pretty pleased that we'd "kept it up" since the last time they were here.  Even the floor still looks good, and when you've got, cats...who insist on taking their food OUT of their clean bowls and eating it off the floor--well, that's saying something.  (And why is it they do that, anyway?  My Mom's dog does the same thing.)

Boxes Of course, my office still looks like a bomb hit it, but that's because I haven't found a home for the all the clutter that got stacked in here two weeks ago.  And I still have all the clobber from the craft shows I did for the past month hanging around.  (That's a LOT of boxes.)

But, truly, knowing somebody is going to come and clean does actually keeps you from messing the place up too much--which is really rather counter productive.  In fact, yesterday I found myself washing the wall behind the stove, and then I cleaned the sinks and scrubbed the top of the stove (Soft Scrub and baking soda--an unbeatable combination!).

The guilt is starting to abate about needing someone to come in and clean.  As my friend Jan told me, "you're contributing to the economy and keeping someone in a job."

I like having a clean house, and wonder why we didn't do this years ago.