Wednesday, January 6, 2010

But I left off the butter ...

Okay, we're into Day Three of the "Would Hank Phillippi Ryan Eat This" campaign.  The first day was great...until I went to Sam's Club.

See, I needed a new toner cartridge.  Before the holidays, you could graze through Sam's and get your fat calories for the week--and in only one session.  But now, fugettaboutit.  (Although they did have one sample:  Angel food cake with a black berry.  Not fattening, and quite tasty, but a teeny weenie portion.)

Croissants Since we were in the "goodies" section anyway, we passed by the croissants.  Yum!  I love 'em. (Doesn't everybody?)  They had baby croissants and the JUMBO ones, too.  I recently bought four jumbo croissants at the grocery store.  The check-out girl forgot to ring them up, and, being the honest person my parents brought me up to be, I went to the Service Counter to rectify the situation.  I was thanked profusely for my honestly, and as I had no cash, bellied up to the credit card machine, thinking I'd be embarrassed at such a paltry sum, and was shocked to find out those croissants were $1.25 -- EACH!


It just so happens that hubby has one of those digital watches with a calculator in it.  He whipped out his arm and did some calculations and found that the jumbo croissants at Sam's were a mere 45 cents each.  Well, you just KNEW they were going into our cart, right?

Jackie O dressed So there I was at breakfast yesterday, looking at the lovely dozen and thinking to myself:  Would Hank eat this croissant?  Of course, she'd be thinking, "Would Jackie O eat his croissant?"  And of course the answer would have to be YES!  I mean, wasn't Jackie O part French?  (Her maiden name was Bouvier, she wore Paris gowns, and spoke French--certainly croissants HAD to be at the top of her "things I will eat" menu.  Of course, she would have chosen a small croissant--as I'm sure Hank would--not the jumbo kind.  But I digress...)

I thought I did well.  I only ate one (jumbo) croissant.  No butter.  Just a very thin layer of raspberry jam.

It was de-lish.  And, honestly, don't you think I HAD to eat it?

What would you have done?